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Are you a DIY kind of person? Browse through some of the key things I have learned over the years that has helped me hone my craft and get real work done!

Get quick tips and real world examples for various problems that you might be tackling as a solo developer or someone working in the enterprise environment.

This is my collection of small tips, tricks, and experiences working in the Information technology industry. I try to cover everything I can in bite-size articles that touch on basic programming, cloud security, hosting, and other basic system administration stuff. If you like the content here, be sure to send me some noise! If you find any mistakes or things that could be reworded, let me know. I'm not the best writer, but I love teaching and passing on as much information as I can.


My language of choice for all things "dynamic web!" You can't go wrong with a language that powers over 80% of the web!


HTML, CSS, and all the other tools we all use to get work done. Photoshop, GIMP, IDEs are just a few of the everyday examples.


Nothing runs in a vacuum! Often times we need full stack awareness which includes BASH, Linux, and all kinds of virtualization tech.

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Coral v2.0.0

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Analyze Web Traffic Metrics and Trends using GoAccess Image
Categories: Snippet Tags: Research Linux

Analyze Web Traffic Metrics and Trends using GoAccess

Get a bird's eye view of your web traffic using a completely free and opensource tool

9 minute read
DNF Modules, a Secret Weapon Image
Categories: Snippet Tags: Linux

DNF Modules, a Secret Weapon

A snippet about how to use DNF to enable and install various versions of packages maintained in the Fedora repository

2 minute read
Get Route Keywords Using CodeIgniter 4 Image
Categories: Snippet Tags: PHP CodeIgniter

Get Route Keywords Using CodeIgniter 4

A simple way to get a quick idea on your keyword density for a single route

7 minute read
News - Coral v2 Progress Report Image
Categories: News Tags: Coral

News - Coral v2 Progress Report

26 Jun 2023 Release - Coral Version 2 progress report with screen shots!

4 minute read
Coral - Monitors Image
Categories: Support Tags: coral

Coral - Monitors

Get to know what monitors are and how to use them

6 minute read



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